Mumbai University | India

Sean Pereira | Crispin Lobo | Jyoti Singh | Divya Sawant

The advent of mass transit systems like Surburban rail, Metro , Monorail and various other public based transport have generated the need of Crowd Management. Hence, there is a need of an efficient system for Crowd Density Detection and Management . The primary problem this paper seeks to solve is to provide the user an intelligent Chatbot to keep a tab of Crowd Density Status in Rail Compartments of the approaching trains and FootOverBridges(FOBs) and the ChatBot also advices the users, as to which bridge and compartment they can take so as to prevent over crowding. The user can also use the bot to get the information about approaching train status on platforms and also to track Crowd density at booking counters. This problem is solved by using an Artificial Intelligence(AI) based system . An Image Processing Module is used for crowd and luggage detection. The amount of luggage, no. of adults and children thus detected are then compared to the preset threshold value for each of these parameters and hence our Neural network is trained to take appropriate decision. After comparison, the data is sent to the Bot through which the users can come to know the Crowd Density Status in Compartments and FOBs. Thus, redirecting them and preventing overcrowding. (For further details and Understanding PLEASE refer the attached PDF document -Crowdies.pdf).