Predictive and Optimization Farming Tech

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences,Mbour,Senegal | Senegal


PFT – Group aims to develop a predictive and optimization system that can help farmers know the best crop to plant at a specific time of the year that will enable them to maximize their output and profits. The system will combine an online platform for farmers who have access to internet and offline platform to cater for the farmers in rural areas that have no access to internet. It will involve an online web page, a mobile application that is linked to the website and also a calling and texting mobile number for the offline users. Taking into account the soil profile, weather forecast of the region, costs of the different agricultural inputs like fertilizers and pesticides to mention but a few, and worth to mention the previous market prices of different crops. The system will prioritize which crop has to be planted at the certain time of the year basing on the harvesting time and predicted price at the harvest time. It will then optimize all possibilities and present the best crop to the farmer to grow. As an added advantage, farmers can be linked to the potential buyers at the time of harvesting, therefore guaranting market for their produce.