Prediction of Stock Market

R.M.K. College Of Engineerig and Technology | India


Our aim is to create software that analyzes previous stock data of certain companies, with help of certain parameters that affect stock value. We are going to implement these values in data mining algorithms. This will also help us to determine the values that particular stock will have in near future. We will determine the Month’s High and Low with help of data mining algorithms and by using fuzzy models in artificial intelligence .All these are calculated by a series of matrix multiplications to weight the data points. As time passes, programmers will continuously make modifications. The larger the data and the more modifications made tweaking the weights by the programmers, the fewer mistakes the system will make in the future.This framework is used to generate initial testing models over a test sample of data. The goal of this phase is to validate the accuracy of the algorithm as well as to fine-tune the fitness function, which represents the actual goal of the algorithm expressed as a mathematical function. When the algorithm finds the global minimum of the fitness function attached to one of the models generated, it fulfills its goal.Then a learning and prediction cycle is run with the new data included.