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Aarthi Sivakumar | Somasekar B S | Blesslin Jeba Shiny Augastin | Sumaiya Banu A

In the competitive world choosing a career path is a very challenging decision their are various sources influencing our decisions and various factors must be considered to choose the best option . Thus we like to apply the technological field of Artificial Intelligence to create a career Counselor in the form of a CHAT BOTS. There are two kinds of chatbots: scripted bots and A.I. bots. A scripted chatbot doesn’t carry even a glimpse of A.I., whereas A.I. bots are built on NLP and ML. They are based on the human capability of learning and absorbing information, but imbued with more efficiency. We use AI chatbots. With A.I. chatbots, there are many more possibilities. As we get more comfortable with them, they become even more useful. is a good example of an independent A.I. chatbot. It uses A.I. to create a website in a chat interface. The chatbot had its own intelligence to decipher the query and come up with answers according to its own intelligence.