Personal Assistant

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies | India

Ritwik sharma | Riya .

Personal asssistant is an android application based on artificial intelligence. It can work as a personal assistant for a user and will be able to help them in day to day life A personal assistant is a software agent that can perform tasks or services for an individual. Personal assistants use Artificial Intelligence to match user text or voice input to executable commands. It can provide a wide variety of services, These includes: set reminders and notify about them, change homescreen wallpaper, Weather forecast of any place, Switch lights and fans on and off, Operate electronic gadgets like toasters, microwaves, electric geysers, etc, Play multimedia files such as audio songs and video songs, Open Applications such as browsers, whatsapp, facebook, media player, dialer, contacts, gallery, settings, camera, calendar, file explorer, gmail, etc, Search anything on Google, Open websites of user’s choice, Search anything on Youtube, show maps for directions, Find Restaurants in an area, Check new emails and reply, forward emails.