Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti | Romania

Carmen Gabriela Popa | Matei Stefan Simtinica | Adina Smeu | Damian Monea

Our team wants to create a a chat bot that is able to promote different cultures and mentalities, in order to expand the knowledge of the user and to help humans become open-minded and more tolerant with one another. We have the intention to create a chat bot that is able to speak like a person belonging to a certain culture. As social diversity is a serious matter, we've decided that our bot should come in various versions. Therefore, the user can select the nationality of the bot before the interaction. At first, the user might not be aware of the ethnic, racial or cultural differences or they may have certain prejudices.  After multiple chats with the bot, the user will be able to understand and appreciate a different culture than their own. We believe that discrimination and other such issues are problems that need to be solved nowadays.