International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore | India

Amitabh Tiwari | Vinayak Ghatul | Akash Shendge

Packup is a RESTful Server acting as data end point for Amazon's Alexa (Echo) or a Chat Bot which in turn serves as a Trip Advisor. It basically eases out the headache associated with planning trips wherein you would have to search several websites for railways, flights or buses especially when you have a mobile handset in your hand. It’s like personal digital assistant to whom you can talk to anytime, anywhere and it will be ready to help you out. It is unique because of the wide range of services it provides under one hood ranging from flight queries like cheapest flight to whole range of flights of a specific airline flying on any route TO railways queries like PNR status, Live Trian Status, Seat Availability, Train Route details, all the trains running on a specified route, Checking for whether your train is cancelled/rescheduled today, If yes then to what date and time, so on. Now comes buses which are really vital when it comes to travelling on short-trips and it becomes difficult to enquire about them anywhere, you will be amazed by the rich data it provides in terms of buses. Also it helps you to explore the tourist location by giving out list of well-known places to Worship, Eat,enjoy Natural beauties,airport,railway station,amusement park,hospital etc. Also it helps you booking lodging and boarding places, Local cultural meetups/events,theaters etc. It also acts as a money manager by providing services like expense analyzer,ATM locator,split wise services etc. It can acts as a translator as well helping you to communicate with non-native english speakers or understanding written information in a local language. It also acts as travel assistant for visually impaired people. It also gives alerts to users via Chatbot/Alexa in case there is a drop in price of tickets for the queried route.