De La Salle University | Philippines

Junlyn Bryan Alburo | Christine Rachel De Jesus | Luisa Katherine Gilig | Dionne Tiffany Ong

Storytelling is an everyday engagement for everyone. It builds imagination, creativity, and a bond between listeners and storytellers. It also enhances oral skills at a young age. Having a strong foundation in this field will help children become a strong communicator. ORSEN is a virtual collaborative oral storytelling agent, which is implemented using Google Assistant. ORSEN engages in a two-way conversation with children through storytelling. It acts as a guide by providing directives and asking questions which aim to encourage the child to tell more of the story. It can also act as a collaborator that creates story text with the child. The goal of this research is to produce a knowledge-based system to gather data from the child through speech recognition, to process the collected data through text understanding, to determine the appropriate dialogue moves to engage the child in a conversation regarding the story, and text generation to create possible story text and suggestions for the child. To do this, the system will use natural language processing algorithms such as language understanding to produce an abstract representation of the story and language generation to create natural language prompts and story segments based on the generated representation.