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Maxime LARUE | Simon REVEL

We all wish to become better as a person or as a citizen. However, it is always hard to get into a healthy habit. Wishes made in New Eve often do not last February. The worst part is fitness studios actually count on that to stay in business... NudgeMe is an app that helps you to achieve just that. Offering the best notifications, articles, and videos at the best time of your day to help you think about doing the right thing. You decide what matters to you between protecting the environment, improving your personal health, giving time to your local community or all three at the same time. We send you motivation, opportunities to act upon and reminders along the way. You are unique, so we will use machine learning to adapt our app to you by analyzing your habits, your needs and your passion for lol cats. You decide what and how much information you want to give us. We collect it, anonymize it and take care of the rest! Each new notification will get to you more efficiently than the last. This time you will really go for a run, eat less meat and repair your toaster. Help us help you build a better world.