Notify the shopper

RVR & JC College of Engineering | India

jetti harika | katravulapalli vidya vivaswanth

This idea basically aims at marketing by the shop owner to the shopper. These notifications consist of beam offers which are personalized. The idea is the shopowner in his app has a page which shows the maps. In that, he will have his shop location fixed and will also get the shoppers available nearby his store in the form of some pins.These details are retrieved from the database and using the artificial intelligence and the analytics the shopowner can analyze the type of customers. We could use the Tensor flow for analytics. In the shop also we could reduce the time spent by a shopper or billing by just recognizing the face of the shopper and the product and deduct the amount from the account. This could be done using Amazon recognition service. In this way an when the stores are linked to some e-commerce site they could access the users of that site and improve their revenue.