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Ravi Raj | Varad Bhatnagar | Tanya Saroha | Kshitij Chaurasiya

It must have happened quite a few times that you’ve gone to an unknown city and cluelessly wandered about taking help of Google Maps and whatever you can find on the internet. Asking people questions/directions / hotel recommendations but getting blank faces in response because you don’t know the native language and they don’t know yours. The sense of helplessness and confusion that prevails is extraordinary. Now imagine a chatbot with which you can interact right at the airport or the railway station and get all your queries about that place answered. It would be very convenient to know what hotel suits your budget, what restaurant suits your taste and what medium is the best way to travel. Introducing Navigatio! Your travel partner. Now seamlessly travel or shift from one city to the other with Navigatio’s help. You can get information about amenities like cab service, mobile service, hotels and restaurants at the touch of a button.