My Tomodachi

Shibaura Institute of Technology | Japan

Mohamad Sabri bin Sinal | Tan Phan Xuan | Bor Tsong Teh | Fatin Ilyani Binti Jefri

Depression is rapidly affecting lives and it is estimated to affect 350 million people worldwide. The growing attention for the recognition of people with an anxiety disorder or depression is still low among the society. Despite, it is an important condition to ensure accurate treatment, however, the symptoms seem ubiquity and hard to trace. Therefore, by giving any kind of therapy to the subjects directly without knowing their condition is meaningless and very insulting. In this project, we proposed a linguistic analysis engine that works together with autonomous online friendly Chabot called My Tomodachi to address the issue. First, autonomous online friendly chatbot will be used as a mechanism to approach the subject as the best buddy. A text-based daily conversation buddy model will be applied in our main proposed framework in order to collect all necessary information about the subject. Second, a new mechanism to analyze all necessary information by using our proposed linguistic analysis engine will be used. The engines will able to predict the possibility of depression and identify a proper therapy that suits the subject after going through an appropriate analysis based on the input. We believe that each people experience the different type of mental state and it may differ from each other depend on their background and lifestyle. In order to approach each person mental state specifically, a proper engine is needed to comply this diversity. With the capability of Chatbot and Ai technology that can work together with our proposed linguistic analysis engine (Natural Language Processing, data mining approach), we strongly believe that we will able to surpass the root of the problem. Throughout our deep investigation, it is proven that text-based content is considered as one of the most suitable mediums to provide large amounts of information that describe a person as a whole. With a strong combination of three different schools of thought such as Physiologist, Social Science and Artificial Intelligence to develop the engine, this proposed mechanism may become the remedy to the main problem. As a conclusion, our proposed method will be complemented the conventional therapy to diagnose and treat depression and anxiety disorder continuously among the society and create such a well-established environment where having someone to listen to your problem and help you going through the process is not a big deal in life.