University Of Santo Tomas | Philippines

Rachel Monique Tumulak | Brian Paul Crisostomo | Jonas Vincent Samson | Jean Philip Juachon

Diseases and various disorders have always been part of human lives, and humanity is always in pursuit in finding cure and treatments for such disorders. This is where doctors and other medical professionals come into the picture. And for them to be able to give appropriate treatment, it is therefore imperative to make accurate and precise diagnosis. Technology, on the other hand, has been continuously improving at a very rapid rate. This allows people to be able to do something with convenience. By being able to use technology, efficiency of services and processes has improved significantly, allowing businesses to serve more customers and therefore, increases profitability. Artificial intelligence and chatbots has always been a very interesting part of technology. This has served more people in a more “natural” way, allowing human-like communications without the physical need of a person to do the actual communication. This field of knowledge is very helpful in initial interaction and data gathering from system users. By integrating this with the help of machine learning, system accuracy is further increased by allowing the system to use historical data to search patterns to help the system make a decision similar to an actual human being Given the benefits that can be achieved with technology, the team has considered an idea of applying technology on the field of medicine which is to assist doctors in performing medical diagnosis. The team understands that doctors’ physical diagnosis is still irreplaceable but by applying AI and Chatbots, it will make the initial data gathering phase to be automated and much more efficient, saving time for the doctors and help them focus on actual diagnosis. It would also be a great way suggest to doctors an initial list of highly probable diseases based on initial inputs, and therefore helping them to prioritize which further tests needs to be done to rule out diseases and make much more accurate diagnosis earlier. On the user standpoint, it is also much easier for the user, if a system can be able to find and recommend suitable doctors for the possible disease or disorder that the patient experiences. Things will be much more simpler and easier for both patients and doctors. Therefore, the group proposes a Chatbot system, which the team would like to call “Medibot,” that allows assisted medical diagnosis with capabilities for bridging the patient to doctors.