Meal Preppers

PES University | India

Harshini D | Bhagyashree B R

In this busy everyday life of ours, people have grown to admit that compromise and sacrifice are some of the key components for a blissful and harmonious coexistence. This isn't necessarily always true and one of the areas people are unfortunately compromising on is - Food. Lack of time and energy level is what is causing us to pay lesser attention to what we feed our system, not to mention the poisonous promise of convenience fast food offers, be it through taste or lesser time spent waiting for food to be served . Food is one of the next to basic necessities of life ( after oxygen, water, shelter and clothing) and we need to be paying more attention to what we take in than what we have been led to believe. Our body can also be as efficient as the quality of its fuel( here, food). What we should be foreseeing in the near future as far as this important gateway to good health is concerned is - to reduce the appeal junk, fast, preserved and canned food has on us by provide significantly better alternatives which are just as "tasty" and whose effect on our performance (physically and mentally) can be observed for the better in no time. This is where Meal Preppers come in and with our effective solution taking into account problems faced when people switch to healthy is what is going to make us stand out in a domain with such fierce competition. We have identified two parameters which actually determines what people eat ( time and energy level) and what should determine what people eat. ( how many calories they require based on their lifestyle). Taking into account these two parameters, we have raked up an algorithm which is gonna make not just planning your meals but also prepping them (based on your need) oh-so-easy. We also provide bonus materials like monthly detoxes, everyday mindfulness along with tracking so this can be your go-to health monitor. Moreover, all this is incorporated using AI which makes it all the more cooler.