Mumbai University | India

Likhesh Kolhe | Akash Singh | Mayur Shevate | Aniket Jadhav

Designing MASS for people situated in rural or remote areas to provide primary health care facility using Information and Communication Technology(ICT). The input would be given by the user through multiple ways. The medicine prescribed by the process is verified by the doctors using the concept of AI. Feedback would also be taken by the system using chatbot.If the feedback for effect of medicine is negative doctor assistance will be given through ICT next day itself. The entire ICT system uses Neural Network to decide the medicine for prescription. Data analytics is used to predict any epidemic disease that might have spread in the village. Currently our system works in 4 stages - patient, MASS, doctor, medical store .These 4 stages are implemented using 4 machines. The patient sends voice message which is converted into text and sent to the MASS, where keyword/symptoms are extracted which is given to the Neural Network as input. It processes the input and gives prescription as the output which is sent to the doctor for verification. The verified medicine is sent to the patient as well as medical store. The prescription that goes to the patient through MASS is in encrypted format to provide security using hashing algorithms. MASS maintains a history of the patients. Currently the company TCS is also working on a similar type of system as per our knowledge.