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naga balasri kotha | sowmya kedaresetti | madhuri devi kasu | sai brahmani

Around the globe, there are 285 million blind people. Out of them 39 million are totally blind, 246 million are suffering from partial vision among them 15 million are from India.For betterment of their lives many projects have been developed which include Ultrasonic Navigator, Automatic Braille, GPS-Based Voice Alert System, Obstacle Sensing Walking Stick, Blind Audio Guidance System,Braille e-book reader, etc.There are very few mind based games/gadgets available in the market which improve the mental abilities of the blind. Games play major role in refreshing the mind or reducing the mental stress,enhancing thinking capabilitiesand provides entertainment.Therefore, this project aims to develop a game LUDO for visually challenged. Even though, this board game is available in market, the visually challenged people find difficulty in playing the game independently. This aspect stimulates to develop an interactive LUDO game with the help of speech synthesis technology in conjunction with the redesigned LUDO board with less complication. The incorporation of speech synthesis technology and modified version of the LUDO enables the blind to play the game independently with feel.