Lilly- The Lawyer

SJB Institute of Technology | India

Yash Gupta | Aishwarya Padmanabha | Yaichen Kongbam

The concept rounding up building a chat bot to help lawyers as well as the clients. The core idea revolves around making the lives of both the lawyers and the clients simple. Upon extensive research, we pinned down most of the problems faced by a lawyer and we bring to you our chat bot, Lilly the Lawyer, who eases the tasks of the lawyer and reduces the pain for the clients. Lilly will be taking over multiple tasks like documentation of particulars for an individual,finding the right lawyer for a particular case, prediction of win vs loss, suggestions to help the lawyer win a case, ask the basic set of questions every time their clients visit them, searching related cases and assists the lawyer in their research. To put in a sentence, this bot will completely take over the rudimentary tasks of a lawyer and when necessary, take on higher level tasks as well. As for the client, the bot will maintain a database for all clients thereby avoiding taking the same inputs from them every time they visit. Time being a prime factor for all individuals, this bot saves an incredibly large amount of both time and energy for both the lawyer and the client. It also aim to brings down the charges required for Research and Documentation. Not just that it uses AI which gets better and better as it being used.