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Organ transplantation is one of the most incredible discoveries in the medical field. Its ability to give someone a second chance in life is truly overwhelming. Common transplantation include: kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, intestines, lungs, bones, bone marrow, skin, and corneas. For organ transplantation to be complete, we plan to set forth a system which involves an organ recipient registry, which keeps track of patients who require vital organs and equally well updated with the availability of organs. Information about availability of a particular organ can be made known instantly and the specifications can be published on the network and required help can be meted out to hospitals with inadequate facilities. This application can help bridge the gap between the need and the supply. This network provides easy access to information and prevents any potential organ from being wasted. Due to its wider reach and accessibility every organ available can find a patient with similar requirements and intervention of technology makes this process faster and hasslefree.