Level1 Support via Chatbot

Military University of Technology in Warsaw | Poland

Piotr Buler | Gabriela Zielińska | Patrycja Mirkowska | Patryk Ostrowski

Do you remember when you forgot your password for the first time and you could not to log-in to your organisation's portal? There are lots of examples to point out all organisations need sometimes help or support. Level 1 support you can usually contact via email or phone number. The latter way is sometime faster, but you need to wait until the agent picks up your call. That great when you successfully resolved your small issue and that helped you to finish your job in time. We want to allow End-users to contact Level 1 support via their favourite communicator instead - easily and quick using Chatbot technology. No more waiting for response and hanging on the phone to reset your password in the middle of the night. Chatbot technology that we want to use can operate the knowledge base and reply to your message in the communicator in seconds. No more business hours to be your limitation in quickly accessible Level 1 support.