Learn With AI

RMK Engineering College | India

Kaveri J | Divya U | Bhavadharani R

Learn with AI is a system which helps students to learn their course in more customized way. The system first understands how the student behaves for different course content, then it changes the way of projection of different course content ( Chapter ) . If a student is not interested in a particular chapter , then the system suggest a practical model for that particular chapter which makes the student interested towards the course. The course content projection mechanism will be changes based on how students interact with system. It improves the learning experience of students as it projects more of interesting course content of a chapter if the student is more interested in particular chapter. Core Concept -> Practical Example -> More Practical View -> Then current Projects with the concept -> (would you like to do simple project in this concept) -> Projects with guide. Learn with AI makes learning interesting by satisfying different kinds of students' needs.