Technische Universität Berlin | Germany

Philipp Wiesner | Zongxiong Chen | Alexander Heinrich | Yue Zhang

Meet Lara, your virtual project manager. Lara helps developers and software companies to become more productive by giving smart recomendations, moderating meetings and much more. Lara is a virtual project manager for software companies. She queries, aggregates and processes information from different data sources like git, Github or your calendar and presents her results via a conversational model. For example one could ask Lara for help in a specific development task. She will automatically search though all repositories of her company to identify related commits of coworkers. After checking their availability she can then recomend a specific coworker that may be able to give some advice. Additionally she is able to figure out your most important tasks, to remind you of important appointments and even to schedule, moderate and protocol meetings. For more information, watch the video!