Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University | India

Tejas Upmanyu | Shivam Bharadwaj | Shabbir Hussain

Plant diseases are a major problem to farmers in an agriculture based country such as our own, India. Plant diseases often lead to huge unaccountable losses in every part of the country. We propose to build a super-convenient mobile application available across all the major platforms that can perform realtime detection of plant diseases and also suggest proper treatments for the diagnosed disease so that losses can be averted. Apart from its main goal of detecting and suggesting treatments for plant diseases, it will also provide a host of other features including weather forecasts, useful tips and best policies for farming and obtaining best results in farming. We expect to ship this mobile application in multiple regional languages starting from English and Hindi in the beginning. Plant diseases lead to tremendous losses to both farmers and stockpiles of our nation, what's more shocking is that the losses due to the these diseases often go unregistered. Our application will reach masses and provide the simplest and easiest way to minimise the losses by suggesting best policies and appropriate measures and this application is very much required in a country such as our own where for every 80,000 farmers there is only one agronomist.