Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique de Dakar | Senegal

Elisée Othniel AMEGASSI | Ginette HOUNKPONOU | Kayi Nina Claude AKOLLY

Programming seems a real headache for novice developers and for some amateurs who lack support.. The ideal is to have a practical coach in this case who teaches but also analyzes and corrects or validates in real time the piece of code. The challenge is to find this coach who holds your hand and guide your first steps in the world of programming. Instead of a physical person we offer a chatbot with artificial intelligence, who acts like a programming expert that will help users in the code editor. KIMIKAA_BOT is a chatbot integrated to a code editor like a plugin which analyzes the user's code in real time and makes suggestions and gives him information to improve the way he codes. The plugin integrated with a code editor aims to guide the programmer in his work. He will answer all programming questions and provide guidance on appropriate techniques.