JoJo – Let’s make it easy!

University of the East | Philippines

Josiah Cavitana | Alex Clyde Escat | Jaspher Baldera | Roxanne Gail Correos

ChatBots, nowadays, are big help to various industries ranging from education, weather forecasting, and even health. ChatBots could take part to client communications as customer representatives for some sort of business. Other types may engage as personal assistants or guides to specific areas like fashion, travel, and etc. In the medical field, use of ChatBots have already been eminent. Some are capable of pre-diagnosing patients’ basic sickness if given the symptoms. While others are capable of handling follow-up medical cares which is of help to patients in reminding their check-ups after hospital admission. However, these features can still be improved through more researches. JoJo offers innovation to the existing HealthBots. Just like any other bots similar to JoJo, he can pre-diagnose common diseases and give advise on how to avoid them. Also, he is capable of reminding medications and follow-up check-ups, and educating users about the use of OTC drugs. But more than that, JoJo's major function is its capability to provide emergency hotlines and contact numbers when needed by the user. He also can book appointments to doctors based on the user's necessity and location. JoJo targets to help the end-users and businesses under the healthcare industry. The cooperation of privately and publicly owned hospitals and clinics would mean a lot. Partnerships between these entities would lead to a broader network of healthcare providers where patients can run to in times of need of medical attentions. JoJo can bridge the gap between these businesses and the patients, thus, would promote health among communities.