Camille El-Habr | Emilie Dao | Xavier Garcia | Jean-Loup Beaussart

Jobia is a job interview simulator chatbot which will help you to prepare your professional interviews. Available on Facebook Messenger and on a dedicated website, Jobia can process your résumé and a job advertisement in order to guide the interview process. Once the simulation is over, Jobia provides advice to improve your future performance, therefore constituting a significant boost of self-confidence. In addition, Jobia may propose at the end of each interview job advertisements from its partner companies, correlated to the area the user has applied for. Jobia will therefore offer visibility to both partners and candidates compatible to apply. Jobia is free for all users, but also proposes paying features such as uploading the job advertisement. This chatbot is the result of our collaboration for the Atos IT Challenge 2018. Our team is composed of 4 students in computer science from Bordeaux ENSEIRB-MATMECA engineering school, eager to improve our knowledge in artificial intelligence.