Florida Atlantic University | United States

Alona Basko | Paul Birns | Samantha Johnson

Have you ever forgotten to take your pills, pick up the kids, or where you left your car keys? Would not it be nice if there was someone or something to remind you? Say hi to JaneBot! JaneBot is a Google Home app/Amazon Echo skill that will help senior citizens with forgetfulness. Older adults complain about forgetting things. According to helpguide.org, a trusted guide to mental and emotional health, these are considered normal memory lapses: forgetting where a person left something, forgetting names of people (i.e. calling a grandson by another name), forgetting appointments, etc. After my colleagues and I observed this behavior in our relatives and friends, we recognized a need among senior citizens for an assistant that can remind them of what they forget. We came up with a variation of the Google Home app/Amazon Echo skill to use artificial intelligence to help seniors remember.