IT Trafic

UCAD | Senegal

KINDE Mamadou | SAKHO Ousmane | SOW Abou | DIENG Fatou

IT TRAFIC is an intelligent system to facilitate urban traffic. It will be able to answer cleverly the current state of the asking point by user. It offers a means of visualization in real time of the main roads of Dakar. So it allows users to know where there is traffic jam on their way and where traffic is more pleasant and therefore choose the most appropriate route. The system will be designed with electronic equipment at very low cost (camera, microcontroller) that our team set up itself and will develop with the C ++ language (microcontroller) and the IONIC framework (for bot chat). IT TRAFIC only requires the installation of our equipment on some roads of Dakar and practically no storage space due to a well thought out architecture. A IT TRAFIC campaign will be launched and will run for three months to introduce the application to a large number of users. It will be free during this campaign. Then the marketing phase will be in two phases: a free phase over a week (test phase) and another phase where the user will be obliged to buy the application.