Instant Buy

City University of Hong Kong | Hong Kong

King Hung Nip | Ming Lee | Chi Fung Chiu | Koon Lam Lee

Instant Buy is a device come along conversational platform for customers to purchase what they need. Through conversation with the device, Instant buy can predict customer’s need in a store according to the analysis of their conversational tone, content, emotions, speed, etc. Smart, convenient Instant Buy will return a list of goods for customers to filter out the unwanted and target on the items that they would prefer. Instant Buy is a device can be placed in both home and retailing stores. Instant Buy learns about customer’s purchasing behaviour and implements prediction according to past purchase, as to recommend the most suitable good for customers. Take a step further, Instant Buy can even handle the purchase process with user’s permission, which means online shopping becomes an action that could be totally implemented by the intelligent conversational platform in the home or in store. The first stage of the idea would be a focus on the purchase in the supermarket.