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Mamadou Boye Barry | Pape Malick Fall

InfSanté is a Chatbot platform which propose to users differents services in hospital ,health instituts and drugstor acces. The question of health is today in Africa a subject that must be reviewed. The African population needs to be assisted to allow them access to the services of hospitals , health instituts and drugstores easyly though the use of their android phone to have access to chatbot. This will facilitate the follow-up of patients in health care services wherever go . It will also help hospitals, health instituts manage their work and have real time information. It is also noted in some parts of the African continent that it is difficult to access hospitals and health instituts because of a lack oh infrastructure and means of transport. But we can solve all this by askin the user of the Chatbot a consultation of remote visit or support assistance by hospital or health instituts facility. The hospital can even tell the patien (who will give signs of his illness) the treatment of some malady.