INAP – I need a present

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Campus Hagenberg | Austria

Wolfgang Eßl | Mathias Maier

INAP is a voice controlled, barrier free, and machine learning powered Webapp for physically challenged and basically every person who wants to search presents/gifts and is not able to use their hands but only their voice. INAP enables you to search for gifts and will get you sound AND visual feedback, unlike other solutions where you get either sound (e.g. Alexa) OR visual (e.g. Messenger Chatbot) feedback. Our backend analyses the spoken sentences, phrases or words and provides gift ideas. If more detailed information is needed, the bot will respond with sentences like “What are the hobbies of your mom”, or “Does your girlfriend like flowers or chocolate”. So it is not only possible to talk to our assistant but also use the classic chat interface to communicate with our bot. In further steps we want to implement apps for various digital home assistants and messenger services like Facebook, Slack, Telegram etc.