Instituto Militar de Engenharia (IME) | Brazil

Franciso Amauri Santos Nascimento | Marcelo Henrique Pillonetto | Matheus Shiraga Rasera | felipe reyel feitosa de sousa

The main purpose of our chatbot AI is to provide a foreword on medical diagnosis. Through evaluation of simple data inputs and deep learning, the AI will be able to identify the medical area of the pacient's supposed disease. To do so, it will gather the users information through a fluid conversastion where it will ask simple questions to the user and then process the answers. Then, it will feed this preemptive evalution to the user's health care system, directly contacting any medical professional capable of promptly attending to the user's needs considering the distance between the doctor and the user. This will help speed up the hospital screening process and, consequently, the treatment and diagnosis of critical diseases, such as Airborne Virosis and Meningites, deadly pathological states that act rapidly, but are often overlooked due to symptons similar to common flu. The AI will be capable of detecting wich medical area should the user enter in contact and the probable disease.