Il Cicerone

Sardar Patel Institute of Technology | India

Darshana Mehta | Shreya Gupta | Vidushi Razdan

With so many streams and fields to choose from, so many colleges offering various programs, we students face many difficulties while deciding a career path. An unbiased analysis of one's own abilities is the need of the hour for most youth around the world. This problem has therefore inspired us to innovate a Personalized ChatBot App, "il Cicerone" which carefully analyses you, your passions, your strengths and weaknesses through a series of fun questionnaires and quick aptitude tests. it will be specifically designed to cater to the smallest of your smallest needs when it comes to build your career; be it to choose a field of study, suggest the best job for you or help in getting the best scholarships/student loans. The app will be broadly classified into two sections: 1. For students in high school, who are still exploring the world.  2. For undergraduates or recent graduates who pretty much know what they want, but do not have the right guidance