Identifying Fake News

Asia Pacific College | Philippines

Marc Anthony Nares | Wyatt Zeus Holgado | Aleo Ralph De Leon

Fake news is a deliberate misinformation or hoax that spreads via traditional print, broadcast news media or online social media. It misleads people and makes the world less informed. It harms the community and the industry at an alarming level. Fake news can be lessened or better yet eliminated since people keep falling such posts; it needs to be stopped. This project is meant to do just that; the program we are proposing is meant to detect if the news posted in your social media websites is fake or not, which would literally get marked as a fake if it is one. This program will be a plugin for the users’ internet browsers, but will only work for social media sites, and will not detect if posted news are fake from other websites. To identify fake news the first step is we will compare the link to our list of fake news in the database. Second is to extract the text from an image to compare and identify if it is a fake news or not.