Bahcesehir University | Turkey

ece aktaş | özcan özan

Each year, 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted. Wasted food corresponds to about 1 trillion dollars. Only twenty five percent of the wasted food is enough to feed 795 million people who are hungry in the world. When we consider all of this, we understand how large the waste of food is in the world. We often do not know what to do with our food that is approaching the expiration date or three or five pieces of food left in our house. We want to make a c-bot that will answer the question of what we can do with the foods whic cannot be eaten anymore. We throw away a lot of food every day thinking we do not need it. Sometimes , we think about that food will go bad soon or we consider that we don't have enough materials. Maybe we do not know how to evaluate them. So, what can we do with the food we have got, how can we evaluate them without throwing them away, we have an answer to the question of how to stop them. Our use is very simple and the target mass is wide (everyone can use literate). You write the materials in your hand on the c-bot. The boat tells you what you can do with the materials you wrote (maybe a few more items).