Hospital Mobile Receptionist

Far Eastern University - Institute of Technology | Philippines

David Sumaoi | Pierre Edwin See Tiong

A mobile chat bot receptionist that will ask the person's symptoms and will queue them to the nearest and less queued hospital in the area that caters the patients' problem. We will also apply machine learning algorithms in the system to get the right department on where they will be queued. With the side of the patient, they will not be queued based on FIFO basis but also with their urgency. With the doctor, they will check if the patient really was sent to the right department and if not, the doctor will correct it thus teaching the system at the same time. Also, this application has a panic button during emergencies so that an ambulance can be deployed immediately., in order to determine the hospital that will deploy the ambulance, we will determine the nearest hospital in the area as well as the less queued one.