Help You

anna university chennai | India

Sailaja Pokkali | Varadhareddy Ashika | Vanganooru Roja | Dhanusha Ramesh

We are in a place where we are very busy in our work life and we doesn't think of our basic necessity like in case we need some housing repairs such as Carpentry, Plumbing, Electronic repairs and also electrical services. All these services can be achieved by incorporating everything we need in one application called as HELP YOU. Here in this application the necessary services are to be selected which we want and we can book the nearby person who are available within few minutes based on the availability. This application is very feasible and it doesn't require much of capital and we can create an opportunity are many men to do work and earn money in a easy way. In order to make our life easier we prefer doing things in the place we stay and we also think that we need good service with great quality, and here comes the technology which will make our life easier. This application development is now-a -days became as easy as anything and there are many emerging applications for our easier life and this is one of them.