University of Ngaoundéré | Cameroon


healthcarebot is a  chat bot that will be developed in Android with the Android Studio Framework, to facilitate access to health services for Cameroonian people. it will serve as an interface between the users and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system conceived with  the Google Framework Tensorflow under the python language. This artificial intelligence system will aim to analyze messages transmitted by  chat bot presenting the health problems of users, in order to identify the clinical symptoms that the user presents and to be able to recommend the appropriate care service in a hospital  chosen for the user and even take an appointment for him. For each reservation for a consultation made by the AI , a digital ticket will be issued with a code, the name of the hospital, the service concerned the date and time of the appointment. This ticket issued will be used for authentication at the level of hospital services that the AI has proposed. The cost of the service that we offer will be directly added to the consultation fees that the patient will have to pay at the hospital level for each ticket issued by our AI and validated by the hospital. Partnerships will be signed with private health structures to publicize their services and to increase their clientele.