Health Abroad

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne | France

Ines Nafati | Mouna Kchaou | Ridwane Benhammouda | Mohamed Diaeddine Belkas

When you travel abroad you experience various issues, one of them is possible illness and injuries. For foreigners, you have an assistance and an opportunity to get back to your home country to be taken in charge but also to be treated there. The idea is to create an app via chatbots that will allow any one of us to establish a medical record (identity, place, time and symptoms but also social services identifications) but also treat simple cases interrogations. The objective is to delete the steps regarding identification and triage but also the decision made regarding the call. It facilitates the assistant coordinator’s tasks within the insurance company. Our App “Health Abroad” uses the Chatbot technology associated with an Artificial intelligence system that will be able to answer to your questions while travelling and be your best ally if you need an assistance and a medical care insurance need.