GIA (Gov. Intelligent Assistant)

IIM Ahmedabad | India

Anirudh Patri | Jorge Patricio Cuellar Benavides | Deepak Padamata

GIA is a system that will use chatbots to expedite and integrate government processes. The aim is to make government services accessible to everyone while making it easy for the governments to manage data and provide services. In countries like India, where everything is a bureaucratic nightmare, GIA will streamline the processes. For example, you want to change the address on your passport, you can drop a message saying “I would like to change the address in my passport”. GIA will identify the keywords and figure out which department is responsible for that data and respond to the taxpayers and guide them through the process from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, GIA could help immigrants or residents in multilingual countries to go through government processes without any hurdle and risk to be abused.