ForAs (For athletes)

Dankook University | South Korea

ByeongKwan cho | Woojeong Kim | SungJun Park | SeongHwan Choi

"ForAs" is a blockchain-based 'individual personal player management service' that analyzes sports team's training statements or diets and provides each player with information of what they need so they can improve their skills. ForAs has a network of all the team members such as a coach, players, medical team etc. Every member of the network can save data of players such as their daily training, diets, health statements. The data is stored cryptographically in the blocks so anybody who doesn't belong to the network cannot access to these data. ForAs analyzes the data stored in the blocks and provides each member with personal consulting about training strategy and future training directions. When something happens to the players, it also suggests a better solution to fix the problem. ForAs makes it possible to check players' conditions, and is a perfect tool for managing players' training and help them practice in a better environment.