FoodChain — Securing The Food Supply Chain

Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus | Malaysia

Cheah Hong Loo | Lester Goh Kah Cing |

In recent years there have been cases gross misreprentation in the food industry, for example, the beef have been substituted by cheaper donkey meat in UK, and the widespread substitution of cheaper fish in restaurants. This is not merely an issue of price, but a more serious issue of health risks. The importance of determining the source of food should not be underestimated. The idea is that we should be able to prove the custody chain from production to consumption. The way to do this is to provide a foolproof and tamper-free way to upload the checkpoints that can be verified publicly. At the same time be able to eliminate or reduce forged or spoofed checkpoint data. Each movement of the food supply chain is tracked by mobile scanners. The location is time-stamped and uploaded to the blockchain so that the public can independently verify the food supply movement. This will prevent false claims on the food origin. We will need to implement a cryptographic proof-of-location of the scanning device.