Farm Irrigation and Monitoring using IoT and Machine Learning

Mumbai University | India

Swaleha Khan | Gauri Kadam | Ashwini Patil

The demand for growing population can be successfully met if farmers implement agricultural IOT solutions in a successful manner. With a simple system, we aim to make a farmer's life more simple and easy. With the use of latest open source controllers and machine learning algorithms, we can see that upgrading ourselves with time not only saves time but also teaches us about the need of advancements. In this project we aim to develop a system that takes inputs from the farm, performs learning based on the historical data and perform irrigation accordingly. The objectives we would try to meet are :- ~~ To reduce human intervention in agriculture field. ~~ To continuously monitor the status of the farm and report the same to a farmer accessing it from a remote site through a mobile application. ~~ Automation and cost effectiveness. ~~ Conservation of water.