Fake News Detection using Deep Learning (Browser Plugin / REST API enabled Webservice)

Universität Passau | Germany

Sarangan Gnanasegaram | Ashwin Vasudevan Chinthu | Vinoth Kumar Adusumilli Govindarajulu | Anand Kumar Shanmugam

Fake news are increasingly becoming a trouble to our society. These news are intentionally spread among the people by someone or group with malicious agendas. These news are majorly circulated in the social media. Fake news propagates very quickly in the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc. It is often difficult even for the humans to detect whether a news is true or false. This may lead to distrust of information available in the internet. In order to create a safe and sustainable internet, we need a solution to distinguish between the fake and the real news. Our project focuses on providing a solution to detect the fake news using Machine Learning. A browser plugin to detect whether the content in the currently displayed web page is fake or not. Also a RESTful API to provide a web service which takes URL or text as input to identify the authenticity of the content.