Facial sketching via AI.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University | India

Harsh Sharma | Harshranjan Rai | Shailesh Kumar Jha | Ram Tayal

In every crime scene the suspects are sketched with the help of those who have encountered them during that scene.Thus using a software that would retrieve input from the user and display the desired output in a 360* image display that too with every possible facial expression the suspect would act including all the 3D poses. All the steps which included human intervention is now given to a deeply learned software that would generate,detect and alert on the basis of the input provided. Thus the culprit may move to any place of the world,if their are cameras or any link to a visual recording being used at places the software would filter out results from the input and will try to identify the suspect's 3D figure. Thus initiating with a prototype generally requires with the cost of making it and its sucess rate,thus it would include- ->Estimating the basic cost of developing this prototype and its level of success attainment. ->Feeding the software with every possible human pose and expression that would ease in making a 3D model of that input. Thus requires a hefty image data of thousands. ->Big Giants IT companies could help in the data related to images. ->Creation of a team which could make it happen,generally covered in HR. ->Successful testing of the prototype using all bizarre inputs one can give. ->Collaborations with big firms or Sponsors to hike up its popularity.