Evoke the future

B V Raju Institute of Technology | India

A.U. vennela | sravya reddy | kavya reddy | tarini chadala

The main theme of idea is to make real estate people and builders easier. By using the AI we need to develop in such a way that if people visualize about a building they should get visualized pic so that customers would get satisfaction before building started,not only a building he/she can imagine about the interior colors, furniture places to be kept .By thinking of the color to paint on wall he/she gets the picture of the wall with that color.And send it to worker so that he can do the work perfectly and fastly. for example if a person need to develop a duplex house he would visualize the duplex and he gets a pic and that pic would be transferred to builder so that builder builds the duplex in the same way. This visualize things of a picture is taken by using wearable glasses. The chatbots here is used to take the wishes of the person(customer) and then generate the plans accordingly