Tunku Abdul Rahman University College | Malaysia

Weng Siang Chan | Bornluck Chong | Chun Yin Chee | Zhee Shun Liew

Every emotion of human represents different feelings. One of the ways to understand the feeling or mental state of a person is by observing the micro-expression, which includes happy, sad, fear, disgust, surprise, and anger. Music is often referred to as the international language that expresses different emotions. It is indeed a powerful medium that influences human’s mood, where music therapy is often used as a treatment for people with mental health problems. In this work, a Micro-Expression Music Player will be developed. The application analysizes the facial expression of the user and determines which type of music to be played to suit his/ her current mood. For instance, if the user is detected as sad based on his/ her facial expression, a happy song will be selected and played to lift the mood.