centrale paris | France

Meryll Dindin | Alexis Tacnet | Daniel Taylor | Hugo Martinet

Our project was born out of the imagination of four students from Ecole Centrale Paris. We focused our thoughts on a simple ascertainment of the current technological environment: we are currently in the golden age of chatbot technology, and it would be a shame to miss such an opportunity, especially seeing it is something we feel fully capable of elaborating ourselves. After many long hours of rumination and thought on how we could contribute to the ever growing interest in this technology with our abilities, we chose to focus our efforts on a recurring problem we all experienced in our different work placements: the ever present state of the art most companies need. Despite us all working in very different environments, we all felt as thought there was progress to be made in this field, considering remedying to this problem is a tedious work for engineers, whose time would be much better spent elsewhere. Our chatbot, Elyo, positions itself as the solution to this problem. Thanks to it's minimalist and efficient interface, learning about the latest available technologies has never been simpler, whatever the size of the project. Elyo will always be able to give you access to the information you need to stay at the top of your field. Our objective is to give any company working in the field of new technologies to know what has already been done, and even study potential choices for future development or the foundations of a new project.