Florida Atlantic University | United States

Victor Herrera-Ramriez | Luiza Menezes | Connor Shorten | Gouthaman Raveendran

We will create an environment in which users can interact with an AI robot to buy and sell stocks on the stock market. Our AI will scan social media , news feeds, and other related media outlets to figure out the latest market trends, then based on user input, it will act on the trends and patterns it discovered. It will also be able to communicate with end-users as a sort of broker, and help navigate them through the complexities of the stock market. These two features are what will differentiate our product from other services. We hope that this platform we create will allow end users, who might have otherwise felt unqualified or mired in technicalities, to feel comfortable on a stock exchange. Not only will average users benefit from our AI, but also those who are pressed for time and unable to keep up with the busy stock market.