University of Pennsylvania | United States

Hoyt Gong | Alicia Lu | Peter Chou

Cold starts, or starting a vehicle when it has been sitting for a long time, is one of the largest contributors to vehicle emissions according to a report by the State of Utah. In addition, while shopping and personal errands account for more than 40% of trips according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, these trips are often shorter in mileage compared to trips for other purposes. To help address this issue, we hope to create an application that will encourage users to reduce their carbon footprint by planning their daily transportation routes more efficiently according to the errands they need to complete. The application will use data from built-in Reminder and To-Do list apps and alert users when there is are opportunities to combine trips (for example, if the user needs to buy milk, alerting the user about a grocery store near the user’s current location). In addition, the application will analyze user data over time and make recommendations based on user preferences and history (e.g., if the user visits a certain location often, the app will recommend they stop by that location if they are currently in that area). If the user chooses to ignore the alert, that choice will be stored and used to determine the optimal time to alert users (for example, if the user tends to run errands only on the weekends, alerts will be sent primarily over the weekend).