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Ben Goldsworthy | Luke Williams | José Carlos Simoes Cordeiro

EchoTradR is an Amazon Alexa Skill that allows the user to manage their stock portfolio conversationally. You can just waltz in to a room and ask their personal assistant Alexa to update you on the state of your current investments. How's that stock you bought 1,000 shares in last night doing? She can also relay to you the prices of a given stock. Want to know how your competitors are doing? Alexa can sort it. Alexa can even buy or sell a given stock; your wish is her command. All you need is the name of the stock and how much you want (and enough money to buy it). She'll handle the rest. You can be the Wolf of Wall Street in the comfort of your own living room. She'll even help you keep up-to-date on the latest goings-on in the markets with a brief summary of the day's trading news and and when you want it. Breakfast and a boom; croissants and a crash.